' JIJI '
character creation
Created originally for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Jiji is a mischievous forest gnome wizard who has gained a personality of her own.
Jiji was given one brief: that she was actually a reincarnated gold dragon, banished and contained in a humanoid body. She has no memory of her previous life. Elements of her past have been added to her current form - she has golden blonde hair which feature two "horns" at the top of her head and she loves collecting shiny things (particularly gold).
"Jiji" is actually a nickname. Gnomes are given a variety of names throughout their lifetime, and thus Jiji's full name is extremely long. She knows that most of her companions would never remember all of her names, and therefore likes to go by "Jiji". 
Jiji, although a fully grown adult gnome, chooses to dress and have the mannerisms of a child. She is cheeky and likes to take advantage of others - she knows that flattery can get her almost anywhere, especially when she looks so cute.
Jiji is a wizard. She wasn't born with magical talent, but stumbled across it one day during her childhood and decided to become a "self taught" wizard. She keeps a notebook of all her spells and adventures, which she continuously adds to with each passing adventure.